About Us

Hi, We are Autokicker

Welcome to the Autokicker about us page. We are excited to see you here. We are happy you have taken an interest in our brand and product and wanted to know more.

Autokicker® based near London in the United Kingdom focused on manufacturing, design, distribution and retail of fabric made products for motorcycles and vehicles including many high-quality travel and luggage products.

We are committed to bringing a high standard of functional product to the market while specialising in motorcycle luggage and travel goods.

Our products are designed, engineered, and tested to the highest standards. They have been sold worldwide and travelled millions of miles. It is highly likely as you read this an Autokicker is going somewhere right now.
Years of manufacturing experience means we understand fabrics and fabric treatments, yarns and other materials, as well as the new range of fabrics coming off manufacturers, looms so we can incorporate the best elements into our products. Coupled with more than a decade of tailoring experience focuses on a high-quality end product.

We are genuinely committed to excellence in our manufacturing and business ethics. We always run lean production methods and are making continual improvements to our products and business process.

Careful consideration goes into every single one of our products, decades of tailoring history means we understand fabrics and materials as well as modern and traditional tailoring techniques.

You will find you have made an excellent choice as our product serves you well and continues to please.

Our Story

The beginning (2006)

Autokicker released its first set of high quality luggage in the UK, It was well received.

 present day !

Autokicker continues to design amazing products that now we sell worldwide.

A First Class Item and Service, Thank You.
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Very fast delivery, really good build quality, looks great on the bike. Thanks
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swift delivery . Lovely item and very well packaged thankyou 🙂
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