Autokicker Valour D - A High Quality Tail Bag
The Black Edition Mini Tail Bag - Useful & Durable
Autokicker Buddy - A Helpful Tank Bag For The Road
Autokicker is based near london in the United Kingdom & manufactures some amazing motorcycle luggage

Over a Decade of Experience

We understand tailoring as well as textiles. This means we can manufacturer the best possible products for our customers.

Globally on the Move

Quality, value and performance is something understood on a global level. Not only have our products traveled the world, but have been sold around the world to happy customers.

Hardcore Proven

Our luggage has been used on some of the toughest routes, riders have used our luggage on the toughest world trips.

Our Best Sellers

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    Essential Black Edition Mini Tail

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    Valour-X Midi Tail Bag

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    Valour-D Midi Tail Bag

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